Our Waste Wise Initiative

There are waste stations throughout the festival grounds, each with
two bins and one bucket. Each bin is labeled for your convenience:
trash and recycle. The bucket next to the recycle bin is for liquid.
Before discarding your container into the recycle bin, please empty
out the liquid. For some of you, this may be second nature, and for
others it may be a bit confusing. Don’t worry! Just do your best, and
our wonderful volunteers will be around to sort through the mistakes
or help you as you try to sort your refuse. All vendor packaging this
year is recyclable, so no need to look for numbers or figure out where
your plastic utensils or cups go…no trash; all recycle! Food vendors
at MeadowGrass are so delicious everyone cleans their plate.
Therefore, no compost bins this year.

Our Waste Wise initiative is put in place for the Earth and for You.
Bin Guardians (waste wise volunteers) will be available throughout the
festival weekend if you have questions or simply want to talk trash.


All videos courtesy of Loring Wirbil. View more here.

2017: The Accidentals

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