Kids' Activities

Anyone with children who has been to MeadowGrass in the past already knows that it’s family-friendly, just based on the big open areas where kids can play and run around. We always have great amusement on hand from giant bubbles to interactive activities including zoo animals.

New This Year – Kids’ Concerts at MeadowGrass!
We have enlisted some of the finest talent that Colorado has to offer to entertain your kids on Saturday when they have some extra energy to expend outside of the music tent.

The Mobile Music Project brings human-powered music and fun to Colorado Springs. Created by Allen Beauchamp working with Rock the Bike in Oakland, California, the system has been used at many local events including the Mountain of the Sun Music Festival, Colorado College’s Symphony in the Park, and multiple neighborhood block parties.

1:15 pm – 1:40 pm
Kaleidoscope Music / House of Joy
(Mobile Music Project Stage)

2:35 pm – 3:00 pm
The Kinnikinniks
(Mobile Music Project Stage)

3:00 pm – 3:45 pm
Kaleidoscope Music / House of Joy
(Inglis Hall)

4:20 pm – 4:45 pm
The Kinnikinniks
(Mobile Music Project Stage)

Come join Kaleidoscope Music & House of Joy to Dance, Sing & Love Around the World. The show includes international dances, songs, and lots of flag waving with a good old-fashioned hoedown! We will be doing plenty of hand clapping and foot stomping to a variety of instruments that include violin/fiddle, guitar, piano, accordion, penny whistle and Native American flute. You won’t want to miss this highly interactive program with Joy and Beth.

Please join The Kinnikinniks as they perform two family-friendly kid-focused music slots on Saturday!

The Kids’ Play Zone will also offer life-size maze making, zoo animals, giant bubbles, crafting and more.

The Millibo Art Theatre will once again provide kids of all ages with the opportunity to create giant bubbles in the Kids’ Play Zone on Saturday and Sunday.

Look for KG Artistry to be face painting kids young and old in one of our vendor booths, near to but not in the kids’ area.

Concrete Couch will be on hand with art activities Saturday and Sunday.

The Kids’ Play Zone at Meadowgrass will be buzzing with activity on Saturday, May 27. With staff from Pikes Peak Library District (PPLD) kids will be pushing their imaginations forward as they make BEE puppets and other scenery and characters so that they can be producing their own BEE puppet shows! BZZZZZZ! Coloring, clipping, and inventive puppetry will be the activities for the day as BEE puppets buzz all around the Festival grounds. And the puppets are take-aways to keep! It’s an early SUMMER ADVENTURE on Saturday, May 27…buzz on by the tent!

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo will bring the ZOOMobile and several animals for the kids to learn about and touch from 11 am to 3 pm on Sunday (weather dependent).

NOTE: Please enjoy this area alongside your children. The Kids’ Play Zone is not a substitute for child care and is not staffed with child-care professionals. You are asked to supervise your children at all times while on the La Foret property, including inside the Kids’ Play Zone.

Little Fans. Big fun.


All videos courtesy of Loring Wirbil. View more here.

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