Kids' Activities

Anyone with children who has been to MeadowGrass in the past already knows that it’s family-friendly just based on the big open areas where kids can play and run around. We always have great amusement on hand from giant bubbles to interactive activities including zoo animals. When you look at the list of who brought entertainment to the kids last year, it looks like we are going to have more fun than ever!

In addition to Millibo’s bubbles and the Cheyenne Mountain ZOOMobile, The Pikes Peak Library District joined by the Pikes Peak Children’s Museum shared stories while Concrete Couch and Imagination Celebration brought many activitieds as well. Our face painter, KG Artistry made her magic and we had a new vendor with a game called Domeball. It’s like a soccer game with three people trying to score on each other inside a 15-foot diameter dome.

Don’t forget the pool.

Little Fans. Big fun.